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SAMDA HEALING ENERGY [SHE] , the world most powerful energy
SAMDA introduced by Prof. Dr. A. Samad Musafir; is an ancient healing system, it is a vital force and Healing Energy for the life. SAMDA Healing Energy has a positive impact on negative thinking or negative behavior or diseases. It is a powerful and forceful treatment and carries many benefits for both, the healer and the patient. SHE also decreases the side-affects of other methods of treatment like allopathic, homeopathic medicines. Being a positive force SAMDA Healing Energy can not harm or discomfort any body it provides relief and increases the life force of a body.
SAMDA Healing Energy works along with other treatments and brings harmony between different treatment methods so that the treatment methods are more effective and more powerful. SAMDA Healing Energy is an intelligent energy which directly goes to the effected part of the body and provides instant relief to the affected part of the body and stimulates the energy centres present in the body. Psychological and emotional disorders can very easily be removed through SHE.
SAMDA Healing Energy is very beneficial for children as it brings very pleasant change in their personalities. Children learn it much faster than elders. SHE increases the confidence level of kids and increases their intelligence; after learning SAMDA children start taking more interest in studies and other positive activities.
Courses of SAMDA Healing Energy are comprised of four levels are as folows:
Basic level of SAMDA Healing Energy is comprised of four classes of three hours each. During the Basic Level of SAMDA Healing Energy students are given four Lectures; each Lecture is followed by an attunement. Courses conducted in this Basic Level of SAMDA Healing Energy are:
Healing Hands
Healing Breath
Environmental Energizing
Distant Healing
Healing Hands

In this basic level of SHE students are introduced to the field of Natural Healing Energies and students are attuned for healing through their hands. Students are given a key to activate their healing power in their hands.

After attending this class, students feel the Healing Power in their hands and are able to heal the Body Pain, Fever, Acidity, Lethargy and this energy keeps the students fresh and energetic.
Healing Breath
In the second class of basic level of SHE students are asked to share their experiences of Healing Hands. After which students are given a Lecture on the use of Healing Breath students are attuned for the healing breath. In healing breath students are given a key to activate healing power in their breath.
After attending this class, students feel the healing power in their breath and can heal Psychological Disorder, Tension, Depression, Stress, Respiratory Problems and Asthma; water can also be energized from the key of healing breath.
Environmental Energizing
Session of question and answer is held in third class of basic level of SHE. After the Q&A session students are given Lecture on the use of Environmental Energizing and are attuned for environmental energizing.
After attending third class basic level of SHE, students become capable of removing negative effects of different negative energies of Jealousy, Hatred and Anger. Students can energize non living thing like machinery for optimum performance, work place, home, pets and plants.
Distant Healing
In distant healing class of basic level of SHE students are asked to share their experience of using the healing powers and are given a Lecture on Distant Healing. Students are given a key to activate their healing power for Distant Healing.
After completing this class of SHE students are capable to give Distant Healing to a group of people.
After completing the Basic Level of SAMDA Healing Energy, students become aware of the world of Zheel Sciences and are ready to gain more knowledge as the interest of the students increase with the increase of knowledge of healing energies. Students are then introduced to an Intermediate Level of SAMDA Healing Energy.
Intermediate Level of SAMDA Healing Energy is comprised of the following courses:
Chakra Activation
Meditative Healing
Psychic Surgery
Beauty & Attraction
Chakra Activation

The Energy Centres of the whole body are activated during this class of Intermediate Level of SAMDA Healing Energy. Students are given Lecture on energy centres in the body and their activation through chakra activation key.

After attending this class the students feel the unlimited force of Healing Energy in their body and they become capable of healing chronic diseases such as Joint Pain, Cancer, Heart Diseases, Sugar, Asthma, Kidney Pain, Insomnia and Orthopedic Problems.
Meditative Healing
In Meditative Healing class the concentration powers of students are enhanced and students experience other worlds of the universe. The power of Distant Healing is enhanced after the attunement of the Meditative Healing.
After attunement students become capable of Deep Meditation, they can have Out of Body Experience and can take help from super natural powers of the universe by activating Meditative Healing key.
Psychic Surgery
This class consists on three different attunements of the students and duration of this course of Intermediate Level of SHE is three days. Students are attuned to perform Psychic Surgery using their hands only, without using any instruments.
After attending this course students can break stone in different body parts such as gall bladder stone and kidney stone into small pieces and then these small pieces are healed out of the human body. Students become capable of controlling their body temperatures after getting attunements of Psychic Surgery course.
Beauty & Attraction
This is the most powerful course of SAMDA Healing Energy and is consisted of six attunements within six days. Students are attuned to cure of Skin Diseases and they attain natural beauty through these attunements.
After attending this course students become capable of increasing their beauty. They can control obesity and become slim within days. Love between couples and relatives can be increased and feelings of hatred can be removed by activating beauty and attraction keys. Matrimonial affairs can be handled in positive ways through the application of this course.
This course enables the students to become master of SAMDA healing Energy. After attending the master level, the students become able to attune others for the Basic Level of SHE. Only those students who have good moral and ethical conduct through out their lives are chosen for Master Level of SHE.


DNA Active
Imagine if you woke up one morning & realized that you had dormant superhuman abilities that were waiting to be unleashed. That once you activated these abilities, you could manifest anything you desired in your life, live a life without drama, create your ideal physical body, become immune to all disease, & Reverse the aging process. Imagine if you realized that you could actually change your blueprint of life, your DNA, to enable you to expand your creative potential, provide access to your subconscious mind & become intuitive, clairvoyant & know instantly what your purpose is in life.
There is now a process that will allow you to do all these things and more. It is called DNA Activation.
This is a very intensive healing, involving a reconfiguration or re-wiring of client’s spiritual or light body. It is recommended to be done only when the outer bodies are sufficiently cleansed & balanced. Our DNA is our blueprint of life & is what controls every single function inside of our cells. If we change our DNA, we change our life & reality.
Benefits & Results of DNA Activation:
DNA activation removes the energetic blockages to you embodying your Higher Self - the part of you closest to Source or God. Especially what your purpose is & why you incarnated here at this point in “time”. You will start to become aware or see things that others cannot see - some of the hidden agendas going on & how to make decisions to help you & your family in the best way possible. Your dormant brain functions will start to become active, especially your pineal gland. This will help to start tapping into your 7 Higher Senses & you will be able to use these on a daily basis with practice.
Some of the reported physical benefits include thicker hair growth, weight loss & stabilization of desired weight, increased energy & rejuvenation of various muscles. You will start to see how your body is just a thought form as well & you can change your body more easily with focus, so you won’t have to work out as much. Emotionally, you will go beyond your personal dramas, the aggravation of everyday life. Your body will undergo a detoxification, which will bring old emotional issues to the surface to be released forever, to no longer cause disease & poison the body. You will also experience a renewed sense of confidence & security & will project that to others, which will allow you to have more fulfilling relationships, increased trust & discernment & the attraction of soul mates.
Spontaneous healings can occur at the time of activations. These usually have to do with acute physical & emotional disorders. After the activations, there is a purification process that begins to detoxify the physical, emotional, & mental bodies. There have been many patients who have cured themselves of cancer & other serious diseases after having the DNA activations.

Bio Healing Energy
Bio An Ancient Method for a Modern World
Bio Energy Healing Therapy has evolved over the past 4000 years & as such has, since time immemorial formed part of a sophisticated oriental approach to medicine. It is now an accepted fact that all living beings emanate an Energy Field, which is as much part of the entire being as is the physical body. This field is often referred to as the Aura. Contained within the Aura we find Energy Centres, [Chakras], each of which relates to different meridians, organs, physical functions, emotions & also to mental & spiritual aspects of life & living.
When all is well our Energy should flow easily & freely without any obstruction, meeting the demands life brings in a balanced manner. However, everyday stresses can lead to knocking this delicate balance out of true. Bio Energy Healing Therapy is aimed directly at restoring the flow of our innate energy to its best possible quality & to maintain it that way. Once balance is restored the healing process can then take place as it should, without any extra obstacles to overcome on the way to recovery.
A series of Bio Energy Healing Treatments enable each piece of your life’s jigsaw to start slotting into place bringing with it - clarity, focus, confidence, positivity, self-esteem, ability to adapt, coping mechanisms & increased energy levels. Bio-Energy Healing is also helpful in Sleep Disorder, Stress & Anxiety.
Bio Energy Healing Techniques Can:
Re-wire your body’s circuitry system & brain
Press some master reset buttons
Release memory patterns [Physical & Psychological]
Re-activate your body’s healing & repair mechanisms
Enhance cellular regeneration
Enhance your body’s ability to function & repair
Defragment your body’s physiological & psychological systems
Release the memory patterns on a cellular [Physical], neurological & Psychological [Mind] levels.


Usui Reiki
Rei-ki is the ancient art of hands-on healing. It is a simple manual art with a philosophical understanding of the human function; it is not a religion.
Dr. Mikao Usui, scholar & mystic, rediscovered it in Japan a century ago.
A Reiki treatment consists of laying the hands on the body in a prescribed pattern & allowing the energy of life to flow through the hands to the person being treated. The basic element of life energy is the essence of this healing practice. Because this is so, Reiki can be used in any situation where there is a desire for & openness to healing. The form of treatment is simple while comprehensive. The basis of the practice is self-treatment & treatment of others within the realm of family & friends. The student learns the technique for self-treatment, treatment of others & for first aid applications. Beginning students have the capacity to give a good treatment.
Human beings are energy systems. If we accept this premise, then life energy is the essential & most basic element of the human energy system. We suffer when we don’t have enough energy to carry out our life functions or when we, as energy systems, are out of balance. The effect of receiving a Reiki treatment is that our supply of life energy is increased & we return to balance. In this state of balance & renewed energy we can heal.
Benefits of Reiki Healing:
Reiki will enhance anyone’s state of health no matter what condition they have. It can be used alone or with other forms of therapies that you are receiving to speed up the recovery time in your healing process. Reiki deepens & enhances the therapeutic results, working with the natural healing process already underway in the body.
Reduces side effects of chemotherapy & radiation.
Decreases nausea & hair loss.
Reduces pain, fear & anxiety.
Reduces stress, promotes relaxation & increases vitality.
Reawakens the mind, body, spirit connection bringing about change & personal growth.
Creates a supportive environment for those in crises.


Seichim Reiki
Seichim [pronounced Say keem or Say sheem] is an Egyptian word meaning power. Seichim is believed to be an ancient Healing System from Egypt going back as far as Atlantis. It was the intention of the discoverers of this system of living light that people realize that they can access various healing energies through meditating on sacred sounds & symbols.
It was discovered in 1984 by an American Reiki Master, Patrick Zeigler, much in the same mystical way as Dr. Usui received Reiki. Sometimes, Seichim is spelled Sekhem or SKHM known as the Living light energy. Seichim is a complete healing system which incorporates symbols & energy work, & is passed via a singular master attunement. Seichim focuses on balancing the masculine & feminine energies within us, creating an energy that is more concentrated, yet gentle.
The applications of Seichim in treatments & absentee healing are identical to Reiki, although each system has its own unique energetic produced by its own attunement process & a different though related set of sounds & symbols. I feel Seichim is best taught after Reiki. The sounds & symbols of Seichim express itself as ecstatic, galactic heart energy, whose particular function helps one to overcome obstacles & fears.

Kundalini Reiki

Kundalini Reiki was brought to this earthly plane by Ole Gabrielsen. Kundalini Reiki is a direct result of Gabrielsen many hours of communion with Master Kuthumi. Master Kuthumi comes to those who seek world knowledge in this time of change & to use that accumulated knowledge for the good of all. This Master’s Energies are being directed to heal the physical body & mind and to overcome the tendency towards intellectual arrogance. His expressed goal of Kundalini Activation leading to expanding states of Universal Consciousness, Peace, Light & Love is not a future promise but one of immediate possibility. A person who has or has had problems with wrong Kundalini awakening or other problems with the Kundalini energy, can most often be helped with Kundalini Reiki.
What with all the challenges faced by the world today, people have become a more stressed & depressed lot – & the situation seems to be getting worse, in spite of all the chemical, mechanical & intellectual quick fix methods being invented. With so much suffering & so many things that seem to be going wrong, it can get very overbearing.
However, the Kundalini way is real, powerful, effective & can really make a difference. Like any other style of Reiki, Kundalini Reiki heals & energizes the body, reduces stress levels & works in association with other medical treatments & health care options.

Benefits of Kundalini Reiki:
The Kundalini energy, on its own, is a powerful healing force. Quite abruptly, it can release your body’s bonds with illnesses both physically & mentally. More so, it can purify the body, & is especially helpful with addiction problems. It can also drastically reduce stress. With its ability to transform your spirit, you can be an entirely new
individual in just one healing session.


Karuna Reiki
William Lee Rand an American Reiki Master is the person behind Karuna Reiki. He discovered the concept as early as 1989, but didn’t officially give it a name until 1995. His new Reiki concept was soon referred to as the Karuna Reiki, which means the Reiki of Compassion. Karuna is a Sanskrit word & is used in Hinduism & Buddhism. It is translated to mean any action that is taken to diminish the suffering of others & could also be translated as “compassionate action.”
When individuals experience enlightenment, they report that all beings are known as one. Therefore, it is natural to extend compassionate action or Karuna to everyone without distinction because we are all one. As we help others & aid them in their healing process, all beings benefit. Because of the oneness of all beings, it is understood that Karuna is not only extended to others out of love, but also because it is an entirely logical thing to do. In the same way that you would want to heal your own wounds, you would also want the wounds of others to heal.
There are many loving energies out there. Karuna Reiki is but one of them. It is very powerful & helps specific problems come to the surface to heal. It works faster than
traditional Reiki.

Karuna Reiki is an energy that is extended out of love to us & others. It is stated in Buddhist literature that Karuna must be accompanied by prajna or wisdom to have the right affect. Karuna is the motivating quality of all enlightened beings working to help
end all suffering on Earth.

Professor Dr. Abdul Samad Musafir, PhD in Alternative Medicines is a brilliant researcher and an International author of many books. He is acclaimed as the Prince of Healing and is recipient of Quaid-e-Azam Gold Medal Award. Acknowledged as one of the golden personalities of Pakistan he is founder of Zheel Sciences Institute, SAMDA Products Private Limited and is also the President of SAMADA Welfare Trust.

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